Taming the Garden

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«No film has lingered in my memory longer than Salomé Jashi’s deceptively simple spare [Taming the Garden]... »

The Best Movies We Saw at Sundance 2021, RollingStone - David Fear, 04. Februar 2021

«[Taming the Garden is] the film I think that stayed with me the longest… The sight of these astonishingly old and large trees just floating serenely along the coast of the Black Sea is just - that's a vision I will never forget.»

Dozens Of Independent Films Showcased At Virtual Sundance Festival, npr - Noel King , 02. Februar 2021

«Jashi’s deeply metaphorical work reaches far beyond specific circumstances in her shots of trees shifting surreally across the screen, often ringed by villagers processing it all, with glimpses of workers chatting.»

Salomé Jashi on Taming the Garden, Screen Slate - Nicolas Rapold , 08. März 2021

«изумление, раздражение, печаль. В одной из сцен проводы дерева по сельской улице напоминают проводы человека в последний путь. »

Четыре фильма Берлинале: русская царевна, белорусские протесты, грузинские деревья и Карабах под Баха, Current Time - ЛАЛЕТИНА Анна, 05. März 2021

«The metaphor of ‘uprooting’ reflects the theme of forced migration and puts up a mirror to the needs and values of society in modern-day Georgia.»

Berlin Forum review: Taming the Garden by Salome Jashi, Business Doc Europ - Mark Adams, 04. März 2021

Taming the Garden with Salomé Jashi, Docs in Orbit Podcast - Kopal Joshy, 04. März 2021

«The resulting documentary was heralded as a “quiet, beautiful piece of nonfiction poetry” by Variety’s Jessica Kiang»

Dogwoof Takes U.K. Rights to Sundance Doc ‘Taming the Garden’, Variety - Christopher Vourlias, 03. März 2021

«Я действительно вдохновлялась изобразительным искусством прошлого, в первую очередь, картинами Брейгеля и других художников фламандской школы.»

Саломе Джаши: «Без иностранных партнеров нам не обойтись», Voice of America - Олег Сулькин, 02. März 2021

«This image had so many dimensions. You see this lonely tree in the sea. It deeply made my think of loneliness. »

S2 - Episode 1: Taming the Garden with Salomé Jashi, docs in orbit - Kopal Joshy, 02. März 2021

«Bäume für den Milliardär: Salomé Jashis Dokumentation »Taming the Garden« auf der Berlinale»

Am Horizont ein Riese, Die junge Welt - Holger Römers, 02. März 2021

«Uno de los grandes logros de Jashi es el de combinar estos dramáticos (y traumáticos) desplazamientos con momentos de suma calma y belleza.»

‘Taming the garden’; Arrebatar los recuerdos (Berlinale 2021), Criticum - Ferran Calvet González, 01. März 2021

«[Salomé Jashis Film] konzentriert sich auf die Prozesse des Entwurzelns und Transportierens, vergrößert die gottgleiche Geste des Verschiebens, mit der merkwürdig gewachsene Bäume zum Kunstobjekt erklärt und alptraumhafte Bilder von Macht produziert werden»

Filme ohne Gesicht – Forum 2021, critic.de - Anne Küper, 01. März 2021

«Though this peculiar saga actually happened, Jashi’s film plays more like myth than journalism, as though she is documenting the folklore of the future as it is happening.»

‘Taming the Garden’ Review: A Bewitching Doc Turns a Billionaire’s Whim Into a Mythic Tale of Human and Nature, Variety - Jessica Kiang, 28. Februar 2021

«[Salomé Jashi] forgoes the anthropomorphizing of the natural world, shifting her lens to the universal plight of living beings, both sentient and non.»

Dok.cetera: February Documentary Recommendations, Films in Frame - Steve Rickinson, 17. Februar 2021

«Though the film’s focus is on plant life, Taming the Garden is not really an ecological film, but one that uses its central subject as a basis for sociological study.»

Taming the Garden: Salomé Jashi's documentary poses a singular question - what is a tree really worth?, The Calvert Journal - Matt Turner, 10. Februar 2021

«Taming the Garden is absolutely gorgeous»

TAMING THE GARDEN, filmthreat - Alan Ng, 07. Februar 2021

«Allein durch bildgewaltige Tableaus findet die Filmemacherin einen Ausdruck für den Irrsinn, der sich einem hier darbietet. Ein Wort: baumstark.»

Schweizer Filme in Sundance, NZZ am Sonntsag - Andreas Scheiner, 04. Februar 2021

«Majestic images of centuries-old trees floating on the sea, like disturbing dreams, take shape before the viewer’s eyes.»

Salomé Jashi • Director of Taming the Garden, Cineuropa - Giorgia Del Don, 04. Februar 2021

«With its static long takes and slow-moving points-of-focus, Taming the Garden is full of evocative imagery.»

Sundance Documentary Report: Part 5, Point of View Magazine - Sandi Rankaduwa, 03. Februar 2021

«A savage yet poetic ode. [Taming the Garden] casts a dazzlingly beautiful, poetic gaze.»

Review: Taming the Garden, Cineuropa - Muriel Del Don, 03. Februar 2021

«Through a series of painterly images, the award-winning director…takes us on a fairytale-like journey to the Georgian coast.»

Paradise lost, Modern Times Reviews - Lauren Wissot, 01. Februar 2021

«Both majestic and surreal. Taming the Garden is not a typical issues documentary.»

Taming the Garden | Salomé Jashi, In Review Online - Daniel Gorman , 01. Februar 2021

«Through the use of direct cinema and stunning steady shots, the director crafts a truly spectacular cinematic experience »

Sundance 2021: ‘Taming The Garden’ Review, Film Fest Report - Mehdi Balamissa., 31. Januar 2021

«The production is foremost a visual one, a sequence of primally arresting footage. Restrained, well-composed [and] compelling throughout.»

The Putin-Friendly Billionaire Trying to Build the Garden of Eden, Daily Beast - Tarpley Hitt, 31. Januar 2021

«An Evergreen Look at Gratuitous Wealth»

Sundance Review: Taming the Garden is an Evergreen Look at Gratuitous Wealth, The Film Stage - Jordan Raup, 31. Januar 2021

«Jashi lets the images and the Georgian people speak for themselves.»

Taming The Garden: Sundance Review, Screendaily - Allan Hunter , 31. Januar 2021

«At Times Calm, at Times Violent: DPs Salomé Jashi and Goga Devdariani on Taming the Garden»

"At Times Calm, at Times Violent”: DPs Salomé Jashi and Goga Devdariani on Taming the Garden, Filmmaker Magazine - Filmmaker Stuff, 31. Januar 2021

«We Had Found Ourselves in the Fairytale»

“We Had Found Ourselves in the Fairytale”: Director Salomé Jashi | Taming the Garden , Filmmaker Magazine - Filmmaker Stuff, 31. Januar 2021

«Visually stunning. A film gripped and immersed by an impressive amount of sensual atmosphere [with] breathtaking composition of each meticulous shot.»

Mother Nature Weeps – Taming The Garden (Sundance 2021 Film Review), Filmhounds - David Cuevas, 31. Januar 2021

«Taming the Garden proposes many directions, which the audience can follow and interpret by themselves. The film is as much a sensual experience as an intellectual one.»

Sundance 2021 Women Directors: Meet Salomé Jashi – “Taming the Garden”, Women and Hollywood - Vicki A. Lee , 28. Januar 2021

«The lineup of European productions in the World Cinema Documentary Competition include (....) “Taming the Garden” by Salomé Jashi »

European Film Promotion and Sundance Team for First Time on Europe! Hub!, Variety - Leo Barraclough, 25. Januar 2021

«An evocative and expertly crafted rumination on the literal fight between man and nature, and the often surreal, sometimes dystopian visuals that come with that battle.»

FIVE FILMS TO SEE AT SUNDANCE 2021, CriterionCast - Joshua Brunsting, 25. Januar 2021

«Trees here speak about other topics, much more than they do about nature.»

Sundance World Cinema Doc Comp preview: Taming The Garden, Business Doc Europe - Geoffrey Macnab, 14. Januar 2021

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